Writings on Jean Charlot—Jean Charlot

Writings on Jean Charlot

Life of St. Bridget.  Jean Charlot.  1939.  House in middle.
Life of St. Bridget. 1939.

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Referenced artwork:

Mira Baciu on Jean Charlot

Stefan Baciu on Jean Charlot

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Anita Brenner on Jean Charlot

Glenda L. Carne on Jean Charlot

# First Steps from the Periphery: The Work of Jean Charlot as a Source for Picasso's First Steps. Elizabeth Casey. Senior thesis, Yale University, 2018. Previously unpublished. With permission.

John Charlot on Jean Charlot

# "Reminiscences of Jean Charlot". Peter Charlot. November 14, 1982.

Zohmah Charlot on Jean Charlot

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Referenced artworks:

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# Jean Charlot's Fresco Mural: Early Cultural Exchanges between Hawaii and the Outer World. B52

# The Waikiki Branch of the Bishop National Bank. Honolulu: Bishop National Bank of Hawaii, n.d. [ca. 1951].

Referenced artwork:

Early Contacts of Hawaii with Outer World. Jean Charlot. October 25, 1951–January 17, 1952. Fresco. 67 ft wide × 11 ft high. Bishop Bank (renamed: First National Bank), Waikīkī Branch, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.

# First Hawaiian Bank, Waikiki Branch. Honolulu: First Hawaiian Bank, n.d. [2008].

Referenced artwork:

Early Contacts of Hawaiʻi with Outer World. Jean Charlot. August 9–November 26, 1966. Fresco. Total area 98 ft wide × 9 ft high in two sections. First National Bank (renamed: First Hawaiian Bank), Waikīkī Branch, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.

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Lincoln Kirstein on Jean Charlot

James W. Lane on Jean Charlot

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Manuel Maples Arce on Jean Charlot

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See also: "Poemas de Jean Charlot".

Peter Morse on Jean Charlot

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The original publication was: "Artist's Choice: Two Little Trains". Maurice Sendak. The Horn Book Magazine. August 1955, Volume 31, Number 4, pp. 296 f.

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