1931 Diary. Berta Day—Jean Charlot

Berta Day: 1931 diary

Letter introducing 1931 diary. Berta Day. July 17, 1981.

Letter introducing 1931 diary. Berta Day. 1981.


Corte Madera
July 17, 1981

Dear Zohmah,

I had not intended to copy my diary in toto, but got so interested in it I went on. It brought back many memories that have been buried for years. It was a wonderful summer, but I can't believe I was ever that young. I only hope that it helps you at all in whatever it is you are doing.

I hope you will forgive the typing, but is in immeasurably better than my handwriting. Fortunately, I have never had to earn my living typing.

I am so enjoying my little grand-daughters. They are a joy. Sue's sister and nephew are with them at this time—the ones who live in Honolulu.

I would like to hear from you—what your children are all doing, and what you are doing, and hope that you are able to come to this part of California before too long.


1931 diary. Berta Day. June 18–August 16, 1931. Mexico. Transcribed by Berta Day in 1981. Nine pages.

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