Zohmah Charlot on Jean Charlot—Jean Charlot

Zohmah Charlot on Jean Charlot

# 1931 diary. Zohmah Charlot. February 21–September 19, 1931. Transcribed from the shorthand by Zohmah Charlot. Transcription not dated. Previously unpublished. Page 21 (numbered at its bottom with "34") is page 34 of a version of Mexican Memories, placed here by Zohmah Charlot in anticipation of further work.

# à propos des peintures murales de M. Jean Charlot à Fidji. Zohmah Charlot. missions des îles, organe mensuel des missions maristes d'océanie. February–March 1964, pp. 25–42.

# "The Place of Heavenly Song: The Evolution of a Mural; Zohmah Charlot Describes—Step by Step—Her Husbands Work". Zohmah Charlot. Beacon. December 1964, pp. 16 ff., 49 f., 52, 54.

# "Jean Charlot…: A Fiji Adventure". Zohmah Charlot. The Sketch Book of Kappa Pi. Spring 1970, pp. 17–24.

# "Jean's Picture Books". Zomah [sic: Zohmah] Charlot. The Sketch Book of Kappa Pi. Spring 1974, pp. 4–11 [unnumbered].

# Letter to Kansas Monks. Zohmah Charlot. July 2, 1979. Previously unpublished.

# "In Weston's World". Zohmah Charlot. Van Deren Coke (ed.): The Charlot Collection of Edward Weston Photographs. Honolulu: Honolulu Academy of Arts, 1984, pp. 8–12.

# Faculty Housing. Zohmah Charlot. Mele. Honolulu, 1992 [written 1950s].

# "Making Movies: excerpted from a memoir of 1931". Zohmah Charlot. Brick. Spring, 1996, pp. 3, 37–40.

# "Notes on Jean Charlot and His Family". Zohmah Charlot. Not dated. Previously unpublished.

# "Notes for an Article". Zohmah Charlot. Circa 1980. Previously unpublished.

# "Notes after Jean Charlot's Death". Zohmah Charlot. Circa 1980. Previously unpublished.

# "Zohmah Charlot: Interview on Chich`en Itza, Yucatan". Zohmah Charlot. Circa 1993. Previously unpublished.

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