Additions, 2020—Jean Charlot

Additions, 2020

Most recent:
"Aliʻi Nui (High Chief)". John Williams.

New entries, new materials, and additional photos regarding the works and writings of Jean Charlot. Corrections, minor textual changes, and other adjustments might also be noted.

# Life and Work

New document for main index: "Presence in collections". Lists known collections with materials by Jean Charlot. completed

# Visual Arts


Various artworks in the Walter Pach papers. completed

Added a portrait of Luz. completed

Nahui Olin. Four new drawings with Nahui Olin, and a new document consolidating items related with Nahui Olin. completed

Murals and Sculpture

Four still lifes. Jean Charlot. 1953–1954. College Inn, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.

Five photos by Isami Enomoto of the execution of Relation of Man and Nature in Old Hawaiʻi (1949) in Bachman Hall. completed

New image for Fresco Class in Action (1955). completed

New image for Mestrovic's Studio. completed

Three new images for Cotton Gin. completed

Revised name of Tortillera to Metatera. completed

New image of the patio fountain in the Hacienda Patio of Fountain Valley School. Added date. completed

New document with an image for the tiled coffee table in the Hacienda Patio of Fountain Valley School. Added date. completed

Four more images for Aliʻi Nui sculpture. completed

Portable Frescoes

New image for La Criada. completed


New "Tile" section for "Visual Arts".

Eight line drawings of children at play. Jean Charlot. White tile with red or blue lines. Arranged as four tiles wide and two tiles tall. 30 in wide × 18 in high. completed

Three new images for: Tiles of the kitchen. The Jean and Zohmah Charlot House, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. completed

Tiles of the living room. Jean Charlot. The Jean and Zohmah Charlot House, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. completed

# Writings

Books and Booklets

The Stations of the Cross from drawings by Jean Charlot. Line cuts after brush-and-ink drawings. Berkeley Heights, New Jersey: The Sower Press: 1935. completed


"Jean Charlot: Interviews with Mira Baciu on the illustrations of Claudel's Apocalypse". Mira Baciu. 1972. Bande 1–13, 167 pages. completed


Correspondence with Anita Brenner. Four PDF documents representing folders of correspondence from the Anita Brenner Papers at the Harry Ransom Center. completed

Correspondence with Félix Rougier. Jean Charlot. May 10, 1923. completed

New "Miscellaneous letters" listing. completed

Letter to Carlos Mérida. Jean Charlot. Circa early 1929, shortly after the death of Charlot's mother in January. Archivo de San Carlos, Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes. completed

# On Jean Charlot

Writings on Jean Charlot

"Artist in residence". Eunica Escalante. FLUX Hawaii. completed

"Mexico in the art of Jean Charlot". Yohualli de la Villa. Voices of Mexico. 1994 July–September, Volume 28. completed

"Jean Charlot". Lincoln Kirstein. October 1931. Creative Arts. Volume 9, Number 4, pp. 307–312. completed

"Jean Charlot's Nativity at the Ranch". John Charlot. February 2020. The Jean Charlot Foundation ( completed

1931 diary. Berta Day. June 18–August 16, 1931. Mexico. Transcribed by Berta Day in 1981. Nine pages. completed

"Aliʻi Nui (High Chief)". John Williams. 2018. Docomomo US-Hawaiʻi. The images copyrighted by The Jean Charlot Estate LLC are used with permission. Nine pages. completed

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