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Detail from Hawaiian Drummers. 1950.

The Jean Charlot Foundation is a non-profit corporation chartered by the State of Hawaiʻi. Membership dues and other contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by applicable law.

The mission of the Jean Charlot Foundation is to perpetuate the legacy of Jean Charlot by supporting the collection, preservation, documentation, and dissemination of resources related to his life, work, and interests; by encouraging artists and scholars in their work through awards and grants; and by promoting the social and intercultural aspects of art.

Among its activities, the foundation:

The Charter of The Jean Charlot Foundation
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Bylaws as of March 21, 2010

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Websites: The Jean Charlot Foundation, Jean Charlot.

# The Jean Charlot Collection

In 1981, after the death of Jean Charlot, his widow, Zohmah Charlot, donated a large archive of artworks and documents to the Hamilton Library, University of Hawaiʻi, for the use of scholars and students. This archive opened in 1983 and has since been supplemented with further works relating to Jean Charlot and to other artists. The JCC collects, documents, preserves, and makes available its resources. Scholars from the mainland, Latin America, Europe, and Asia have come to study at the JCC, and its materials have been used in numerous exhibitions and publications.

Contact: Malia Van Heukelem, Art Archivist Librarian

Website: The Jean Charlot Collection [hawaii.edu]

# The Jean and Zohmah Charlot House

After the death of Zohmah Charlot in 2000, the Jean and Zohmah Charlot House was donated by her in her will and by her children Ann, John, and Martin, to the University of Hawaiʻi to be maintained in perpetuity for purposes related to the legacy of Jean Charlot. The house has recently been renovated and a program is being developed by the School of Architecture, University of Hawaiʻi.

Update: In 2022, the The Jean and Zohmah Charlot House reverted back to Charlot family ownership.

Contact: David Charlot

# The Jean Charlot Estate LLC

The Jean Charlot Estate LLC was established in 2001–2002, after the death of Zohmah Charlot, as a for-profit limited liability company with the following stated purposes and powers:

To hold and manage all copyrights to be transferred to the Company by the Dorothy Z. Charlot trust;
To serve as the sole legal entity with the proprietary right to permit, grant or license any reproduction, display, performance or other use of the art and literary works of Jean Charlot and Dorothy Zohmah Charlot; and
To engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited liability companies may be formed under the act.

The manager of the LLC will always be a Charlot family member. The LLC gives the necessary permissions for the use of materials.

Contact: David Charlot, manager

Detail from Hawaiian Drummers. 1950.

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