Works on Paper—Jean Charlot

Works on Paper

# Mexico

Drawings while in Mexico.

La Théologie régulatrice des arts. Jean Charlot. December 1921. Pencil. Mexico.

Street sketches: disassembled sketchbooks. Jean Charlot. 1922–1923. Mexico.

Street sketches: unbound sketches. Jean Charlot. 1922–1923. Mexico.

Portrait drawings. Jean Charlot. 1922–1927. Mexico.

Female nudes in rust-red and blue-gray lines. Jean Charlot. 1922. Mexico.

Drawings of nudes. Jean Charlot. 1922–1925. Mexico.

Line drawings of Jarabe, national dance of Mexico. Jean Charlot. 1923. Mexico.

Drawings of Luz Jiménez. Jean Charlot. 1924–1931. Mexico.

Nahui Olin. Jean Charlot. Circa 1924. Paper and pencil; watercolor. Mexico.

Sketches in Pablo Picasso. Jean Charlot. Circa 1924. Pencil. Mexico.

Miscellaneous drawings. Jean Charlot. Mexico.

Various artwork in the Walter Pach papers. Jean Charlot. 1920–1950s. Walter Pach papers, 1857–1980. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Washes and gouaches while in Mexico.

Early works. Jean Charlot. 1921–1924. Mexico.

Portrait paintings. Jean Charlot. 1924. Mexico.

Paintings of Luz Jiménez. Jean Charlot. 1922–1924. Mexico.

Yucatán, and Chichʻen Itza archeological copies. Jean Charlot. Yucatán, Mexico.

Paintings of dances. Jean Charlot. Mexico.

# United States of America (continental)

Jean Charlot drawings for Paul Claudel []. Jean Charlot. 1930s. UHM Library Digital Image Collections, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

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# Hawaiʻi and the Pacific

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