Broken Paddle, newspaper article

Newspaper clippings of article and photo for protest march with poster of Broken Paddle. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin. July 18, 1971.

Text of article:

Yesterday's march formed at Magic Island moved through Waikiki to the park. One marcher—Mary Jane Ewing—carried her 5-month-old daughter in a sling and pushed her sister, Kake, in a wheelchair.

The marchers' signs carried messages like "Give 'Em Hell, Hawaiians," "Covet Not Our Land" and "Hawaiians Die, Government Smirks." Many purple-and-white posters displayed the Splintered Paddle "Imua" symbol designed for the Ad Hoc Committee by muralist Jean Charlot.

Caption of photo:

A pretty girl carries Splintered Paddle sign while marching to rally.

Newspaper clippings of text and photo for protest march with poster of 'Broken paddle'.  Honolulu Star-Bulletin.  1971 July 18.