Contacts, copyrights, credits—Jean Charlot

Contacts, copyrights, credits

Early Contacts of Hawaiʻi with Outer World. Detail of bearded kahuna elder holding red sash.
Detail from Early Contacts of Hawaiʻi with Outer World. 1966.


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Introduction (the main index)

Hawaiian Drummers. Jean Charlot. May 5, 1950. Fresco, portable mural. 6 ft wide × 4 ft high. Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Photographs: Hal Lum, full image and details.

Credits (this document)

Early Contacts of Hawaiʻi with Outer World. Jean Charlot. August 9–November 26, 1966. Fresco. Total area 98 ft wide × 9 ft high in two sections. First National Bank (renamed: First Hawaiian Bank), Waikīkī Branch, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Photograph: Hal Lum.

Books and Booklets

Massacre in the Main Temple. Jean Charlot. October 2, 1922–January 31, 1923. Fresco. 26 ft wide × 14 ft high. Stairway, west court, Escuela Nacional Preparatoria (renamed: Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso), México, D.F. Photograph: Bob Schalkwijk.


Two Color Studies for Parish Mural Project, Processional: The Sunny Side, The Shadow Side. Jean Charlot. 1920. Gouache on paper, pasted onto board; the board for each study is divided into three sections that fold onto each other. Whole board is 85 1/2 in wide × 10 1/4 in high; painting is 84 1/4 in wide × 10 1/4 in high. Jean Charlot Collection, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Photographs: Marcia Rickard.

Books on Jean Charlot and Writings on Jean Charlot

Life of St. Bridget. Jean Charlot. April 2–May 13, 1939. Oil on canvas. Two panels, each 16 1/2 ft wide × 6 3/4 ft high. Apsidal side walls, St. Brigid Church, Peapack, New Jersey. Finished in situ August 29–September 1, 1939. Photographs: Church of St. Brigid.


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