A note on work at Fountain Valley School—Jean Charlot

A note on work at Fountain Valley School

"A note on work at Fountain Valley School". Jean Charlot. Circa 1970. Previously unpublished. A63


I was surprised when I became head of the art school at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center to find the job at Fountain Valley came with it.

I had the greatest respect for Boardman Robinson who had preceded me and who left a few murals at the school. I tried myself to leave some permanent testimonial of my passage. I found my students quite unruly where pure esthetic problems were concerned, but they enjoyed the craft approach. Thus we came to work out blue and white tiles for a table and the Hacienda fountain, and it would be hard to separate my own work from that of the students as we all enjoyed the community work.

I remember with pleasure the get-togethers outside class hours where I was asked to speak to the whole student body. Attempting to make them look at things from the art angle when most of them were more accustomed to the angle of sports and, if I may say so, to extra-curricular mischief.

I hope that the things I said did tie for them art and life, however fleetingly for most. But my further contacts with alumni make me realize that some of them at least held art as a concern not exceptional but to be of worth in all pursuits of grown men.

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