Head Crowned with Laurels

Head Crowned with Laurels. Jean Charlot. 1934–1935. Oil on prepared plaster. Part of The Art Contribution to Civilization of All Nations and Countries. 500 square ft Entrance hall, Straubenmüller Textile High School for the Humanities (renamed: Bayard Rustin Educational Complex), New York City, New York. (JCC: ART: MU 4)

Charlot was called in to oversee the work of art students on this mural which was already in progress. In a central niche above a fireplace, Charlot painted Head Crowned with Laurels. This was painted over, however, following the completion of the mural, and Charlot always listed the mural as destroyed. The entire mural was restored by the Adopt-A-Mural Program, with restoration completed in 1995. The bas-relief portrait of Straubenmüller at the site is reportedly by Charlot.

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