From Jean Charlot                                                                                                                                                                      September 26, 1967

Report on stay at East-West Center as Senior Specialist.

The main feature has been being in close contact with specialists in other disciplines who I would not have contacted otherwise.  Most successful have been the morning coffee hours and the noon lunches, where free exchange was spontaneous. 

Without destroying this pleasant informality, newly arrived members could perhaps be asked to give one short talk referring to their past achievements and future plans, or perhaps a short factual summary of same could be distributed to members on their arrival.  This would include their plan of work during their stay.

In my case, the natural affinity was with Chiang Yee and Affandi.  I feel all three of us profited in this exchange of professional notes, however distinct our backgrounds and styles. 

Affandi’s introduction to fresco as the most natural technique for mural painting will no doubt bear fruit on his return to Indonesia. 

When preparations started for painting our murals, the offices given us, however excellent for bureaucratic purposes, proved quite inefficient.  If practicing artists are being considered in the future, borrowing from the adjoining pottery department and sculpture department space in their “shacks” would be a help for work purposes. 

There is no natural outlet provided for direct contact with East-West Center students.  Both they and us may lose by it.  I know of at least one Chinese student who failed to visit with Affandi because of the aura of Specialist attached to his name. 

I am thankful for my stay at the E.W.C., which proved a meaningful experience.