Jean Charlot’s Corrigenda to his “José-Clemente Orozco”


1rst version

To be revised. 

1rst published Forma No 6. 


Page 25, right column:

line 19: replace “aesthetic” with “ascetic”

line 42: after “intelligencia” add “priests of pure plastic” 

              “primarys” instead of “uninitiated”[1] 

line 46: replace “can” with “escape to”[2] 

lines 46–47: Replace “In these experiments…failure” with “This could not be done.” 

line 52: replace “me” with “of himself” 

line 56: after “complexities” add “untamed by the eater” 

lines 56–57: replace “the process of this painter’s work” with “his process of work” 


Page 26, left column:

line 14: replace “traces” with “segments.” 

line 16: after “qualities” add “different from the components.” 

line 37: replace “a curious” with “an” 


Page 26, right column:

line 8: replace “diagonals” with “a diagonal” 

line 10: replace “sustain” with “buttress” 

line 14: at “arch” Charlot notes “part missing” 

lines 22–24: “part missing”[3]

line 31: after “with” Charlot notes “part missing”

line 35: after “frescos” Charlot notes “part missing” 


[1] Jean Charlot described this later as a Gallicism (“primaires) for “primitives.” 

[2] Charlot identified this as a Gallicism for “escape being.” 

[3] Charlot later conjectured that the missing section was in line 23 after “architecture.”